Bastian Raschke

Mobile Software Developer @ Quartett Mobile

Currently living in Munich. Besides professional Android app development I like electronics and security related projects.

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Bastian Raschke portrait

My skills (features)

In my full-time job I'm a professional Android developer, so I daily use the Android SDK. Since some years now, I write code in beautiful Kotlin ❤️ (but yes I also can write Java of course) using Kotlin Coroutines, MVVM, Data Binding and TDD (Test-Driven-Development) if necessary. In this process I use Git with CI and Jenkins. For my private projects I additionally use Android Jetpack components a lot and also Retrofit to communicate with REST-APIs via JSON. I already created some backend systems with Python 3 (using frameworks like Django, Flask+SQLAlchemy+Marshmallow), which I deployed on my Debian server with Nginx and Gunicorn. If I work with electronics (smarthome/IoT), I like to use the Arduino platform. Finally, in the past I used web technologies like PHP, HTML 5 and CSS 3.

My reference projects

Here you can find some of my projects:

OpenEAS project cover image


Securely connect your smartphone to your car and use CAN bus to read/write data.

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ArduKey project cover image


USB device to generate secure one-time passwords — compatible with YubiKey format.

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PyFingerprint project cover image


Python library to control fingerprint sensors of the ZFM model family in your projects.

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CitusCMS project cover image


Small and user-friendly Open-Source Content-Management-System based on PHP and MySQL.

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VibeLight project cover image


Arduino firmware to build your own smarthome lights connected with Home Assistant.

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Sicherheitskritisch cover image

More projects

A lot more interesting projects you can find on my blog Sicherheitskritisch.

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